Istalling Addon, Crashed Xenforo


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So I was installing a portal addon... When I uploaded to the addon to the root directory it somehow rewrote the "js" & "library" folder with just the addons files and removed all original files in the folders. I got a database error and noticed it rewrote those folders so I re uploaded the original js & library folder from the installation zip.

Now i'm getting another error:
The requested URL /install/index.php was not found on this server.
Call me dumb but I've never had this much trouble with any type of forum software/php scripts and I don't understand how the folders could have been rewritten totally and not have just added the new files & kept the old ones intact unless some of the old ones were overwritten.

Really sounds like a hosting issue to me but I have no clue.

Is there a way to fix this or do I need to reinstall, and also why would addons be placed in the same place valuable php configs are stored were a problem as simple as this could happen then ruin the entire installation. I'm pretty sure i'm one of the few idiots that have done this but maybe a future update could have addons be placed in a addons folder and not 2-4 different root folders.

Thanks again guys for the help in advance and hopefully I get back into the swing of things again, I guess i'm just so use to automated stuff and being handed stuff on a silver platter I forgot those old nix days were you had to manually install stuff ;)

Jeremy P

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Your config.php file lives in the library folder. Without it, the software is assuming a new installation and trying to load the installer. Recreate the config.php and it should be good to go. Also, you don't need to delete the install directory.


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@Jeremy I tried entering the correct database info for the config.php and it still dident work. I reinstalled, now i'm lost with the addon there isen't any info on how to edit the addon or get modules working or anything like that so I got a lot of templates to look through and edit.

Also when I goto I can reinstall and rebuild core settings on my forum that being open to the public seems pretty bad to me seeing as how anyone can reinstall the software using random entries and ruining the installation again.

Jeremy P

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Heh, only administrators with the 'can upgrade' permission can do anything on the page, it's not open to the public ;)

I don't use a portal addon so if you're having trouble with that, the respective thread for it would be the best place to get support though.


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Which portal is this?

Every add on have their own folders that need to go inside the /library. But they shouldn't delete anything.

Actually, all add ons require manual upload don't they? Unless you mess something up while you ftp, I see no other way your original js or library could be deleted.


Make sure you have your FTP client set to :

If folder exists, merge.
If files exist, overwrite.

Before you do anything; Always back up your database and files, so when you run into issues like these you can revert back to the situation before.

To install add-ons, you upload the addon to the right directory.

To fix your problem, upload the files from the version you were running, and that should fix it. Assuming you use the above settings.