Issue when try to connecting XF through mobile apps


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I found that XF had a mobile style.
I think it would be fine to create the apps just presenting the forum by using the internal web browser function in phonegap.

But, I would like to develop some extra function in the mobile application.
For example, user can read/write some local file (save in the mobile side) and merge into the current forum display.
I am sure that I need to write my own mobile application for this purpose.

Here is my doubt when planning the customization:
Is it possible for Apps to directly access the database in the Xenforo forum to retrieve the account information ? Any security feature in the base version of XF to prohibit this channel ?


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I don't think there is a limitation... I'm pretty sure there isn't since Nataan had created a single sign-on feature and we're able to integrate facebook/twitter/google/steam

The user would login via your app and the information would transfer between there.