Is there a resource manager core feature instructions etc?


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Under ACP there is a few RM links that take you to other parts of the RM.
I am unsure what the settings due and was not able to find anything in the XF help or on here.
There are allot of questions asking how to but nothing I could find telling what the settings do or more what the core settings are designed to do.



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Resource Manager Configuration
Configuration Options
Several new options are created in Options > XenForo Resource Manager to control the Resource Manager. From here you can control the types of resources that can be uploaded and various Resource Manager behaviors.

Category Setup
Under Applications > Resource Categories, you can set up the category structure for your resources. Categories can be infinitely nested and parent categories will show resources from all child categories. Each category can be set up to allow different types of resource and post automated messages to specific forums

Permission Setup
The Resource Manager adds various permissions so you should confirm that the permissions meet your needs. You should check that your moderators have the correct permissions via Users > Moderators and group permissions should be checked via Permissions > User Group Permissions. Reasonable defaults are selected based on existing permissions.


A FAQ also exists:


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Hi there,
Thank you but these are just a very very brief overviews and do not cover the underlying settings.
What is odd is the Help section does not tell of the other two main links in ACP for the Resource Manager or details . I saw this in the help section before posting, which in this case is hugely short and doesn't say anything about settings and what they do.

If I was new to Resource Manager, I would not have a clue what the settings are for. Its one thing I find at times annoying about the XF platform is to get help I need to often post question like this in the forum to see how the software works on the most basic of settings.
However some of the videos staff has done is awesome, only too bad more basics instructions to get a starting point simply d not exist where its needed at times and one must poke around and even guess how to use a setting. I spent the last two days searching and reading how to use RM, and simply have not found what the settings do.
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