Is there a post from Kier...


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I'm sure there are multiple posts of Kier's that haven't received a like. I think I can say If i like a post from someone it'll get a like. I'm not into the habit of just liking any post because I'm either friends with a member that sometimes will get a like when it's not warranted.

I've seen posts get a like for the use of "lol" by members to their friends. A little odd but you like what you like.


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Actually this could be implemented as a rating system : ratio of number of likes and number of posts

Edit : # posts / # likes


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Then maybe Kier will start developing a mod called "Automatically ban AnthonyCea next time he logs into the forum" :D


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I would not know it if he did with my mod installed !!

Oh wait, I would see a "banned by Kier auto ban mod" message, I'm sorry !!