Is there a Modification Forum Add On


I have a forum that I want to move from vBulletin to xenForo. I used an addon to allow users (private forum) to upload their own code and show downloads, description, versioning.

Is there anything like that? I see the resources forum here is pretty much what I would be looking for.

Thanks. (yes, I did search, but either poorly or just wrong words)

*** Edit, this is not the forum I have already begun the conversion of ;)

Liam W

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The official resource manager addon would probably be fine for your needs.

Although it's not directly a 'forum' - check the resources tab at the top to see it all :)

It's an official addon that can be purchased for your license at the checkout, or after your license has been purchased.



hmm.... ok. Interesting. Well, it still *might* work.

I have about 20 *Forums* in the old system that were created as modification forums. It worked well that way, maybe I just have to re-think how I do it.. but that also means it would probably not import very well from vBulletin to xenForo.

again.. hmmmmm.....


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You can't import content from vB into the RM.
Any custom content from add-ons would also be ignored.

The pre-sales FAQ in my signature shows what is imported from vB.


Yes, I shouldn't have used the word *probably* :) I have already imported 1 larger forum. I knew that wouldn't import into the resource manager.