Is the xF future looking secure?


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Hello, I've been a vBulletin patriot up until 4.0. I purchased the license for but never used it past a private test bed. It was too clunky, slow and ugly despite days and days of customization. I've still been using vB3.x.

Earlier today however I was introduced to xF which looked to me like what vB4 should have been. Imagen my surprise when I looked up the history of xF on wiki and found out the connection with vBulletin and how the flawed design of vB4 all made sense.

Long story but the point finally is, I read xF was being heavily sued by vBulletin's new parent company but couldn't find any more information on the subject. Have those lawsuits been resolved? I'm ready to buy the license but don't want to find out the company and support is gone tomorrow. Can I get a reassuring assessment of the situation?


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Ha, I had just found that and was about to post a nevermind on here. Much appreciated though.


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Conq, from what I've seen, xF is nothing like vB, only at first glance.

I don't see xF having a problem legally, it will just be awhile before it all gets sorted out.

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I wouldn't worry about the lawsuit if i were u. Practically speaking what seems to be the most likely outcome is either party paying damages to the other depending on who wins. XF shutting down looks highly unlikely considering the outcomes of most Intellectual Property cases.


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Put it this way. I've only just had a look at the code for XF as am interested in the whole Zend Framework and MVC design methodology. Before XF Ltd released Beta 1, Internet Brands claimed that XF contained vBulletin code. you only have to look at the index.php file to realise that IB do not know their arse from their elbow. It would be akin to Apple launching a new Operating System and then Microsoft sueing them because they claimed it was based upon Windows.

(ok, not exactly matching the scenario, but the point, when I get to it, will make sense).

IB assumed that due to the time it took Kier, Mike and Ashley to produce XF that they must have used existing VB code. The real fact is that the MVC system, tied with the use of the extensive Zend Framework lends itself to very rapid development. vBulletin's code will stretch back to stuff that was written when PHP 3 was around, probably even php 2. Where as XF has been coded from the ground up in bang-up to date PHP 5.

The point I've laboured to get to, is that its as if they had claimed that Mac OS was based on Windows. Sure, they may be written in the same language, but they are completely different beasts and share no code at all.

IB didn't know this of course, they just assumed. Or probably, they probably were trying to scare Kier, Mike & Ashley into running away.

There is absolutely no ground for IB's claim and this will be born out in the courts, of that I have absolutely no doubt. The other claims about Kier's contract are really between him and IB, they shouldn't have any bearing on XenForo the product at all.

So, am I worried, absolutely not. Well, not quite true, I am worried, worried that they won't put a punishment system into v1.00 and I'll have to keep using vb 3.8x for a bit longer :(