Is it possible to restore a user?


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The migration had just been done and the forum had not been reopened yet. The migration took I think about 12 hours. I was changing some people in their user groups and I deleted someone. :(


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I looked and found their threads. They have their user name on the posts but they are labeled as guest.

I don't know if this bit of information helps any.


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Have you looked in the post table to see if there is a USER ID value for this person's posts?

Presumably the user account has been deleted but everything else is still there - posts/threads etc.? If so, you may be able to simply manually recreate the user account in the user table (with that ID) and that would fix it.

Anyone able to confirm if this is possible?

Shaun :D


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I would assume that when a user is deleted, though, all user-related tables (profiles, options, privacy, and pms) will have the proper lines for the user deleted as well (proper line being their part of the messages, for instance. If I started a message with someone and the user then gets deleted, I'd assume my original message will still be available for me). The threads and posts are different in that respect, as they are public, and part of the site anyone would be able to see.


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Actually, they failed. There's no "s" at the end of the xf_thread and xf_post tables ;)
Ah, it was a typo, thanks for bringing it to my attention. But I do not see a reason for failing as that is very catchable 'mistake'.