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Is it possible to implement with XF?

Hi all,

I want to migrate entire site to XF with following conditions:

1. I have custom PHP pages at urls relative to domain root such as domain.com/super-page etc and they must remain at old urls when they will be under XF (I can adopt PHP scripts towork with XF)
2. I have old phpbb2 forum at url domain.com/forum and it MUST remain under this url, and olso must have old topcs urls (users profiles pages and other pages can be anywhere, but topics must be at thier old urls).
3. I have an index page at domain.com and it must remain at index without redirections to /page/home etc.

Can I implement all these points with XF?



Well-known member
Non-XF support URLs are not supported, but redirection scripts can be implemented to make sure visits are not lost. Custom pages and integration is possible for 1&3.
Thank you for fast reply.

Ok, I agree to make redirections from old urls to new XF urls at 2.

So am I understand you right that 1 & 3 is possible to implement in the way exactly how I need it?


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Yes, you shouldn't have issues unless I misunderstood your directory structure. If you install XenForo under /forums you should be good.
You mean I should install XF to site root, use 'forums' url for new forums and create redirections from old urls 'forum/viewtopic.php...' to new XF urls, right?


XenForo developer
Staff member
It's a little unclear how you're setting things up or what you're trying to achieve. If you install XenForo into the forums/ directory, anything that interacts with it would normally be in that directory. (Displaying pages outside that directory would be roughly unsupported.) If you install XenForo into /, then really you would need to bring something like /super-page into XF or do custom stuff for your .htaccess to meet your specific needs (provided it doesn't conflict with another URL that XF wants to use). Normally though, XF is used in such a way that it "takes over" a directory.

It's not clear if your custom PHP pages have anything to do with the forum. If they don't, then you wouldn't even involve XF with their execution so it wouldn't interfere in anyway. (If you are rendering things through XF, you will need to develop using the framework; I would note that we can't provide official development support, though if you have any questions you can post in the dev forum after purchasing.)