Is it possible to add local referencies (<a name="...", <a ref="#...")?


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Well assuming you have ID parameters in your article (you just need to add an ID parameter to any HTML attribute... for example, id="yourJumpToPoint"), you can just reference that ID instead of the #post-id. They are unique to the page, not the post, so you wouldn't need to reference the #post-id.

This is of course assuming you are editing directly via HTML.

More info here:


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This is rather difficult for most of users. Maybe one can add special bbcode or, better, improve the forum engine? I know this feature is not a problem in IPB for many years.


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I've tried to add 2 bbcodes (via BB Code Manager):
1. goto tag
Example: [goto=prim]look reference[/goto]
Opening replacement: <a href="#%s">
Closing replacement: </a>
2. lable tag
Example: [lable=name]reference text[/lable]
Opening replacement: <a name="%s">
Closing replacement: </a>
It doesn't work. :( What is the right one?