Is Instagram forum-like ? is it blog-like ?

Digital Doctor

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Is Instagram a forum ? is it a blog ?

... where the image is the "topic" and the replies / comments are the thread ?

If Instagram is blog-like / forum-like .... and is still-image based ... what will be the next Instagram ?

Videogram ? (heh: URL taken ht tp://
Audiogram ?

Digital Doctor

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Instagram is DEAD. :LOL:
Ixnay on the dead-yay.

Spirograph is dead.
Instagram is fun to share Photos with my family.
Especially for my "No Facebook" life.


I remember loving spirograph :)


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Many youngsters nowadays use instagram as a means to show off their stuffs. I mean showing off what they branded stuffs they bought, what branded stuffs they owned, etc. Its purpose is no longer sharing photo but rather showing off in my opinion.


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Instagram is more of like MySpace (userbase) of Pinterest (site use).

I wouldn't liken it to neither a forum or a blog, but I would "liken" it similar to Pinterest where the image with some description is the topic.