Fixed iPhone screen tear


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Screen tearing on iPhone 5 iOS 6 safari

When you zoom in to max, then zoom back out get screen tearing issues. Never had an issue with previous version.



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image.jpg I had this happen last night too but couldn't reproduce it, but now that it has happened for you too, it must be a bug.


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I suspect we can't really do much about this unfortunately. This is internal browser painting. However, there was a change I made to workaround a different bug and it may change things here. Can you still reproduce this now?


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Hi Mike

I think it's fixed now. The amount of zoom is increased. There was something that was limiting the zoom to 150% instead of the full 300%, pretty sure that's what was causing the issue.

Thanks for looking into it.


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Yeah I noticed the zoom has now been increased too. On a side note I love that I can still zoom in on responsive in XF unlike another software.

I have not been able to reproduce this yet.