IPB Converter

Eventually congratulations for the release, that I'm regularly downloading and installed on my test forum.
Now that everything is at least in a good direction, I see that there are many requests for a script that convert IPB forum to XF one, not gallery, nor blogs, or even worse IP Content, but the board.
Why at the present there isn't any official script, that can manage this?
Is there, by the way, an even paid service that suppies to this, if requested?
Please, let me know if you've already planned for the immediate future, before the 3.2 comes out.

Look forward some concrete answer.


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Other importers are planned.
I can't give a date as to when they will be available though.

Currently the only way to import from IPB is via vB using ImpEx.
Thanks Brogan for the quick answer.
Yes, I've already read about this option, but I wouldn't have nothing to do with the (used) ImpEx anymore, that's why I've changed from SMF (years)>>vB (hours)>>>IPB years.
My idea is that you will get converters script officially (that means more and more people on xF) and we all are allowed to migrate with a simple license.
Hope my english is understandable and esily you will plan for the all major converter official scripts.
Ok, after this important milestone please, let the people (not the usual users) know, from the main page from what is possible migrate. The converter list will grow up (hopefully) and for who hasn't that much time, sometime can check the script list to see what or when the migration can be possible. No matter if this means a fee, if managed from the staff, but the main point is that it should be possible.

Thank you very much, and I hope to read about some possible migration script/service.