Interview with Kier @ ForumPromotion


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What methods should new webmasters use to promote their forum?
The same guidelines apply to running a site and promoting it as apply to writing good software. Keep your focus narrow and concentrate on doing a few things really well rather than spreading yourself too thinly and doing a lot of things in a mediocre fashion. Engage with and foster your enthusiasts, and they will do your promotion for you.

Great advice and a great interview.


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Thanks for the interview, Jonathan.
and thanks for agreeing to it Kier.
It's great to get an insight into the minds behind XenForo. It helps us to communicate with you both and actually know the direction of the software, it's very comforting. Also seeing your comments on the software and seeing how confident you are about the MVC principles and the ease of use makes us all very confident that you both have created a much-needed piece of software - for all of us.


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Great interview! I like this part and im starting to salivate!
XenForo is built on very solid MVC principles. I have already built three applications on top of the framework for my own personal purposes, and creating them was a joy


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Another great interview with well thought out questions, and answers from Kier that gave some tantalizing peeks into what's to come.


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Very nice interview. Really nice to see interviews coming up already and asking different things so you don't feel like you're reading the exact same thing over and over. :)


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Thanks for all the friendly comments. As a 'content team' member at ForumPromotion I've got a few interesting interviews coming up, and more to get. Several relating to XenForo...