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Demo site:
Seems that the flowplayer people made their own forum.

With all the AJAX code it feels Super Fast.
I was curious as to the origin of the forum ... and here is the scoop.

Tero said:
Nov 25, 2008 - I took a courageous attempt to make these forums from scratch. I haven't seen any ajaxed forums like these anywhere else and decided that the internet really should have one - as an example. It's a combination of jQuery scripting, Java coding on the server and MySQL database - basic stuff really.
There is no reason why shouldn't I release the sources - but before that I think they need more packaging and commenting. Right now they are more or less integrated to the rest of the Flowplayer site and should be more separated.

So this needs time and work. At the moment not my first priority but maybe some day. There are surprises coming out at on the beginning on 2009 and I'll need to focus on that.
source -
Not sure if the sources were ever released.