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Hey guys.
I'm working with NodeJS/Express to create a website for an organization. We're looking into options for community management and so far Xenforo is a clear win. Our goal is to completely integrate Xenforo into the application, which means users are shared and not duplicated.

I have some questions :
- is there already a solution out there (for example a server-side API) to handle such cases?
- is it possible to disable Xenforo's own registration and login system? the aim is to handle registrations and sessions remotely using Xenforo's database.

Ideally, Xenforo would issue HTTP requests to inform NodeJS an user has requested authentication/registration. But any of the two other solutions listed above would probably work as well.
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I think syncing users would indeed do the job. That brings us to my second question though, I'd prefer to have user creation/deletion and login on the application side and communicate the changes to Xenforo using the database. Is it possible?


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Yes. You could write a PHP script that you send the necessary information to and utilize the XenForo structures to. You could then have the username/password be hashed and stored as your application would.


@TsuChi I've looked at it and it does not seem to support session handling, which is a major part of what we need to achieve single login/log out.
@King Kovifor Are there resources on scripting for Xenforo? I'd prefer to use a robust solution rather than a tweaked one.