Implemented  Inline AJAX edit post



I am looking forward to this being a default feature. Glad to hear it made it in.
I constantly use it on my sites where we (as a team) edit documentation and what not.
Having an inline editor helps us organize the data in front of us, and the ability to scroll up and down and go back to the editor and continue editing.
What I especially like about inline editors, they've got the full width of the post, so it's more accurate as to how it looks.


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Just a quick test and a possible push. Is this feature in already?


Edit/ no it isn't. Then I don't understand your post Floris.:)

Edit2/ If there is a function in vB that is missing here, it is the inline edit post editor. I hope this is what is meant and hope it will also be part of Xen soon.


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Yes but there are more interesting suggestions which have not yet been implemented, pity ..
Be patient and be happy with what you've got now :) . I mean, this is a beta of version 1. That is: o.n.e. This whole version 1 already beats every other single forum package out there when it comes to the UI/UX (which is of an essential importance... something other packages such as vBulletin and even Invision still don't seem to grasp). And when it comes to functionality (Invision and vBulletin offer more then XenForo) I am sure that much requested/needed features will see the light of day sooner or later in XenForo.


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Yes, I am very happy to see this added. It shows the crew here are listening to their customer's wishes. Nice!:D

Although the overlay method of editing isn't exactly what I would call inline, it is a very nice step in the right direction.

Maybe make the overlay the size of the post and position it over the post (if that is possible)???:D

I am very sure XenForo will be blasting past the rest of the competition, because the team here have the right attitude and more importantly, tons and tons of experience.

edit/ and playing with the new function (I like it:)). Actually the attitude is more important. :p