inform protection (rss).

Protected inform via rss
Rss protection. Often in our time the information they steal. It can be done to rss echoed not completely, but only part. Maybe it would help from automated thefts of information from the forum. Also can use the option to delay the impact rss. To first have indexed your site, and only then given to the other if someone steals .


Not needed.

You can use PHP to open a remote page, crawl the content, and use what you want.

If you don't want public info to be used elsewhere under fair use, then don't have a public community.

If they steal your content, beyond fair use, file a copyright infringement with them and their hosting provider.
There could be like a cut off limit for the rss like 500 characters or a more relative solution, cut off 85 % of the characters rounding it off to the nearest word.