Fixed Inconsistent attachment thumbnail dimensions


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Increasing the Attachment Thumbnail Dimensions setting in Home -> Options -> Attachments from the default value of 100 to a higher value also unexpectedly increases the size of the thumbnails in the area listing all attachments for a given post.

This results in the name of the attachments being truncated, and also adds significant padding around the generic attachment thumbnail.

I'm uncertain if this is by design. If it is, there doesn't appear to be an obvious option to change this behaviour to prevent these particular thumbnails from also increasing in size.
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I'm not sure if the width is something we can change based on the thumbnail size.

Otherwise, the thumbnail size is respected here intentionally.


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Thanks for your response Mike.

I worked around the truncated title issue by tweaking the thumbnail size from 500px to 600px which makes it fit better now:
But it would be nice if there was a separate option to override the thumbnail size for those Attached Files thumbnails as they appear to be hard-coded to always be 50% of the Attachment Thumbnail Dimensions option.

I realise that the Attached Files thumbnails will only appear for attached images that haven't been embedded directly into a given post.

The problem is if I reduce that option back to the default value of 100 to get small Attached Files thumbnails again...

then embedded image thumbnails would go back to the tiny 100px, which would defeat the reason why I changed this value in the first place:

Is it possible to use CSS to override the width/height of the Attached Files thumbnails regardless of the value set in Attachment Thumbnail Dimensions or would that require a core file edit?


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The attached files block still takes into account the thumb size to a point, but it's now capped at being no larger than 100px (which would apply for 200x200 thumbs).