in between earthquakes

Mike Law

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Hi all,

I am new here and very happy to started the process of moving to xenforo.
We had planned this for March, but as our office is in Japan we got hit pretty big on March 11 and had to evacuate March 15 due to the nuclear thingy.

Now 500 earthquakes later (truly) we slowly start to get back to normal, so I decided to re-purchase xenforo (thanks Ashley for the support before) and now have some questions.

I am not going to reveal my URL just yet as I don't want Google to pick it up.

I use vbull 4 with vbseo, referring to this henceforth as "1980's tech"
I used Paul's import for vbull 4 and all seemed pretty smooth, but some small issues.

1) it says I have 10 moderations tasks (??) but when I click the link it gives me

Fatal error: Call to a member function rebuildReportCountCache() on a non-object in /blah/blah/blah/beta/library/XenForo/ControllerPublic/ModerationQueue.php on line 61

So far that'sall....
And thanks for supporting me in advance!


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As a first step, try uploading the files again, from the upgrade package though to avoid overwriting config.php, etc.

It's possible there were some failures during the initial FTP.

Mike Law

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regardless of this error, we went live today.
Man, I love the feel of xenforo, its smooth and very easy to use.

In the Who's online bit I love the IP features

Jake Bunce

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Was your forum installed in the "beta" directory before? That link doesn't work anymore. This is the correct link:

I just get a permission error because I'm not logged into your forum as an admin or mod.

Mike Law

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Ahh, and here I hoped to keep this in effect

I am not going to reveal my URL just yet as I don't want Google to pick it up.
Could you please remove my links..? sorry!

And yes your correct... we went live today so out of Beta