Improved SPDY support coming to Apache


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Up till now, the SPDY protocol has only been well-supported on other web servers, such as nginx

"We’re pleased to announce that Google has formally donated mod_spdy’s code to the Apache Software Foundation, and it is now a part of the Apache httpd codebase."

"The intent is to work on making it fully part of [Apache] 2.4 and, of course, a core part of 2.6/3.0” - Jim Jagielski, co-founder of the ASF.

"Being a part of Apache core will make SPDY support even more widely available for Apache httpd users, and pave the way for HTTP/2.0. It will also further improve that support over the original version of mod_spdy by better integrating SPDY and HTTP/2.0’s multiplexing features with the core part of the server."

Adam Howard

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Well this was unexpected. Cool and will make for a better web, but very unexpected.

Still think nginx is faster. Although Apache is so "plug and play" that it is easier to learn and configure.


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That is indeed good news for Apache users.

Although, being so invested in Nginx (+ngx_pagespeed + SPDY) these past 3 yrs it been harder working with Apache (no control panel ones). Especially, with my Centmin Mod Nginx stack - most of the Nginx admin related tasks like creating vhosts and such I just have to select the right menu option to do or use command shortcuts to initiate :D

All that needs to happen is the cost of SSL certificates to come down especially for wildcard ones etc :)