Imported Model Not Showing if a Member posted to a Thread


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One of things that I've noticed after my import is that it doesn't show whether or not a user has posted within a thread or not. IE: the "mini me avatar" overlayed on top of the original poster's avatar. It does show as it should now when you post but the history is gone.
Anybody else notice this or is this just one of the "natures of the beast" when importing for vB3?


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I have confirmed this problem on my test forum following an import. This is not handled by any of the cache rebuilds.

It shouldn't be hard to build a script to process the imported threads and insert appropriate records into xf_thread_user_post. This would be a good suggestion to post here:
Running a Rebuild Thread Information marked all the threads correctly on mine. I did tick the Rebuild Position and Post Counters box too if that makes any difference.


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Agreed, "This will slow the process down and is only needed if posts are shown in an incorrect order". My posts were in the correct order, so I didn't see the need to check that box. Kudos to ijeffers for posting the solution.