Import two different VB databases?

Just a quick quesitons. If I was to import one VB database and then have the forum run for a couple months, and then if the need arose to import a second different database, could we do that? The users may be duplicate but the posts shouldnt be...


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When I installed xF I imported a VB and an IPB database so importing multiple databases does work. Not sure about importing one after the initial install though. I had duplicate users and xF combined the dupe accounts. It will ask you how you want to handle dupes, either merge or rename.


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I imported the same database twice before. Threads and posts seem to merge fine. There are some posts here and there that would show the message twice
(like, "hi there", a few line break, and another "hi there" in the same post)

The user's post count will be adding up however. If they have 100 post count and you import another 100 posts by the same user, his count will become 200


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Importing the same DB twice won't merge threads, posts, forums - you'll get them all duplicated (separately). The only thing it can merge is users.

If you want to import a second, unrelated forum, that's ok.