XF 1.0 Import Failed At Blogs


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Hi. I am importing my vBulletin 4.1.7 to Xenforo 1.04 using http://xenforo.com/community/threads/vbulletin-4-importer.5726/

Everything was going fine until it came to the blogs. It would say it was done but would loop over and over again. So I tried closing the page and coming back to continue and it did the same thing.

That did not work. So I clicked on fresh import.

I am now at the page that says
Previously Imported, Unarchived Data Has Been Found

Archive the import log table?

  • Empty the import log without archiving
  • Archive the import log to this new table:

What should I choose?


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Okay this is ridiculous now I cant go back to where I left off without duplicating content. I would have to start all over and skip blogs this time. How do I start from scratch? This is what it says in the directions:

To completely remove any data related to an import, in order to do it again for example, the original XenForo database must be restored and all avatars and attachments must be deleted from the /data and /internal_data directories.


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I deleted attachments and avatars. I don't know anything about restoring databases so I'll just delete my xenforo database, create another one and install xenforo from scratch.

edit nvm that sounds like a bad idea.


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You should have taken a backup of the database before you did an import.

You could then have used that to restore back to a clean build and repeat the import process as many times as you like.


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I did back it up but I would have to download my back up which my internet is too slow to bother doing thats why I'd rather start over. I created a new database. How do I reinstall Xenforo? I tried to but it gave me several errors as xenforo is still trying to connect to the old database.

Jake Bunce

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Did you complete the first import? If so then you will need to run the import again. But if you never completed the first import then you can go back and it should pick up where you left off.

You should avoid running the same import twice on the same installation of XenForo. Restore a backup or install a new copy so you don't end up with duplicate content from two imports.