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Imagick Attachment Uploads - Static pictures not working.


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I have imagick / imagemagic installed but my issue is when people upload attachments, animated pictures upload and can be inserted as thumbnails or full images, but static .png or .jpg images dont show up with any previews and cannot be inserted as thumbnails or full images. If I don't use imagick and stick to the default php gd one, static images can be inserted as thumbnails/full images as they should. Any ideas? I'm pretty stumped at this point. Thanks.

webserver is nginx, not sure what other info would be useful... :confused:


XenForo developer
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Looking at the supported formats, I don't see jpeg or png there, so it sounds like it can't thumbnail them.


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Oh wow I guess I expected png and jpg to be on there so much that I didn't even bother checking the actual list. :oops:

http://www.imagemagick.org/script/formats.php Looks like JPEG and PNG require some additional libraries to be compiled/installed. This is a bit new to me, never dealt with Imagick before.

JPEG apparently needs: http://www.ijg.org/files/jpegsrc.v8c.tar.gz
and PNG: http://www.libpng.org/pub/png/libpng.html

I'm on Gentoo, checked the portage list, appears I can just emerge media-libs/jpeg and media-libs/libpng. Will confirm if this fixes the issue in case anyone else runs into the same problem.

Thanks for pointing that out Mike, can't believe I missed it.


For those on gentoo trying to get this going (or any distro just adapt it to your package manager) - try this:

emerge media-libs/jpeg
emerge media-libs/libpng
USE="jpeg jp2 png tiff" emerge media-gfx/imagemagick

That's it. I seem to be in business now. :D