XF 1.1 Imagick animated avatars on size medium and up only?


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Currently when I have the ImageMagic option enabled, animated avatars are applied to all avatar sizes. This looks very odd for the small size avatars and the lesser used 'very small' size avatars. It also seems like a bandwidth/cache/load waste since you cannot tell what the animation is at that size and they should just be static.

Anyway, I'm curious if it's possible to have it only do animated avatars on size medium and up, and the smaller sizes will be static, just as if you were using the default php gd extension.

I'm hoping this is possible so that the avatars in threads will utilize the cropping feature in XF's avatar overlay editor. My only other alternative is a modification seen here: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/animated-avatars-in-threads.14807/ - however this won't utilize XF's cropping with ImageMagick, thus avatars can look awful.

Perhaps there's a setting for ImageMagick to have it ignore image sizes below 96x96 pixels or whatever?

Hopefully someone has an idea if this is possible or they can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!



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Sorry for the bump, but does anyone have any idea about this? My users would like to use animated avatars, as the old board allowed them, but I can't see it happening unless it would only be on the medium sized avatars and up. I'm sure others that want to use animated avatars via imagemagick would find this useful.