Confirmed Image Popup not becoming visible on all/small images

Affected version


When posting an image, the popup menu that allows for things like setting the size of the image, replacing it, setting alt text, etc only appears to lose the fr-hidden class under some circumstances. The image seems to need to be large enough and I've had more luck when there's a scrollbar on the post.

The menu is always being activated though, which creates a fun situation of being able to click on buttons that are invisible and open up menu boxes that are also invisible, as they're just 0 opacity.

Here's a quick snip of me putting the site logo into place here, clicking on it, and hovering over one of the invisible buttons:


I don't know why this is happening, but suspect that it may be tied to attempting to detect if the menu is below the bottom of the edit box and failing to do so properly.



This was initially brought to my attention by someone else, and we just upgraded to 2.2.7, but I personally don't include images often enough to have known that the menu in question was a thing until it was brought up by the user.

...for the record, I normally do everything in BB code view anyway, due to bad experiences with graphical editors on forums in general over the years. :censored:

Edit: A 2.2.6 site is not showing this problem, so it does appear to be new to 2.2.7.

Gene Steinberg

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To clarify: You need to make the image larger for the pop-up to appear below it, or to leave it at its default size if it is larger, after which you can reduce the size as needed once the edits are done.


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Yeah, we've got the same issue. If you go advanced edit (more options) when making your post, you can bypass it, but most people don't do that and once the post has been made, there's no way to enable it. :|



The irony is not lost on me that when posting this, I'm also unable to Set the size ¯\(ツ)

I hope this gets addressed sooner rather than later.


The image editing pop-up menu has disappeared in 2.2.7 patch 1 for all size embedded pictures, and this is a big loss for my picture rich site.


We are also running 2.2.7 Patch 1. Click & drag resizing is 100% reliable but the bottom-center menu only pops about a third of the time. In fact, it didn't pop when I pasted this image into this post. Please fix it soon!


We can force it by manually editing the BB code by adding align="left" or align="right", but not many of our members are capable of doing that.