image-background for header?


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I would like to have an image-background for the header, similar to this website:

I do have a fixed-width-style with a width of 990px.

Because of the design of my image, I need to have my bg-image split into 2 images:
one image to be right-aligned, and the other image to be left-aligned.

Could you please help me with CSS and stuff in order to achieve this?

Any help is highly appreciated. Many thanks!

Jake Bunce

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Admin CP -> Appearance -> Templates -> EXTRA.css

Add this code:

Rich (BB code):
	background: url('styles/default/xenforo/node-sprite.png') left center no-repeat, url('styles/default/xenforo/xenforo-smilies-sprite.png') right center no-repeat;


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Many thanks for your help Jake!

if I have 1 single image for the header, what would be the ideal width of the header-image, so that it will also show fine on screens having bigger width?
1600px or 1900px ?