I'm a little upset...

I think you should formally begin every of your XFAddict meetings with "My name is Russ. I'm a XF addict ..."

OK I'm a founder member of XFAddicts - someone should start a forum community to help us - using XF of course - oh hmm wouldnt really help would it?

I was already an addict to XF checking it constantly even during the dark times, don't know what I'm going to do now that the excitement is back better than ever.
This sucks.

I've been sleepless with worry for MONTHS about this next period. It's been so nice and quiet I could keep up with everything with only about 5 - 10 checks in 24 hours. NOW what do we do?
Need a more powerfu;l monitoring tool or something ... heads off to suggest it for XF 1.2 ......
Russ, I'm with you. This community was already a 'must-check' whenever I had time to get online. And now, it will dominate my time even more :D
I was already staying up into the early hours of the day to read everything...
Now... I'm not unsure of what to do with myself. It'll be an outbreak. I was incapable of reading everything before and now I will surely be incapable. lol
I remember about a year and a half, maybe 2 a guy was driving home from work and posted he upgraded his forum whilst driving home which tells you how easy it is to upgrade, I wouldn't expect or see that ever changing. Suffice to say, it wasn't recommend to drive and upgrade your site, i tend to agree with that good advice.
I can't tell you how awesome it was to get online and see this:


Looking forward to seeing what 1.2 brings.
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