Ideas about heavy traffic periods on my forum

Jeff Fuqua

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I run a football site and, on game days, a "game thread" gets created for reaction to the game as it's happening. Last Sunday, the game thread had 850 posts created over a three-hour period with the vast majority of all visitors (400+) hitting refresh to catch the lastest post.

When I was a vB forum, it would often bring the forum down to a crawl so I blocked guests from seeing the game thread. xF is better but I was wondering if there might be a way to keep spiders off the forum during certain times. I don't know how much it would help load but I'm looking for any way to speed things up.

Yes, I have a chat room. For whatever reason, it's not used but by a few despite my suggesting people discuss the game there. :confused:

Thanks for any suggestions.


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What addons do you have active?

We run a football forum too and the end of the transfer window was hectic to say the least (with 3000+ users online). We found that disabling xenporta helped a lot, as did disabling a few other addons.

Jeff Fuqua

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Hmmm... I do use XenPorta and lots of others. I hadn't thought about shutting them down on game day. Downside is, we get a lot of visitors and their experience might not be as impressive as the site with all its bells and whistles. On the other hand, a speedier forum might be a good trade-off.

What would be great is having an add-on which would deactivate some add-ons and other things when the server load rises above a certain level.

I'd love to have a ban robots add-on just to see what impact that would have.