I just upgraded my testboard to the latest beta


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After not having upgraded it for 2 versions or something. I have various addons installed, including a shoutbox, wiki, portal, staff page, and several others. Of course, I've dealt with upgrades before so I backed up everything. I have had several years of experience with stuff like vB and PhpBB so of course I assumed there would be some stuff that would break. Especially addons.

To my surprise however, I had to visit one link, login, click upgrade and just had to wait. That wasn't so much of a surprise considering it's XenForo, but after it was done I checked my forum for the damage done to styles / addons. Everything worked. Perfectly. Not even the smallest problem.

I started out assuming I would need at least an hour or so to fix everything again, and now the backing up part was the hardest and most time consuming of the entire upgrade process.


Now just have to think about what I'm gonna do the rest of the afternoon. :D