I don't understand EXIF


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I just noticed that EXIF information shows on some images but not all the images.

What exactly is EXIF. What i orignally thought is that it scans the media during uploads and it tell you:

media size 1.3MB
media type: image
file type .Png
media resoultion 1200x800

But it's not showing in every photo. Is there something wrong with it? Or i am mis-understanding something.

I would like the EXIF to show on every image. I think the media information is important.


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EXIF is added when the image is created (by your camera). You can edit the EXIF yourself manually but it's normally stuff like camera aperture, focal length, etc rather than properties of the file (like size and resolution) which you can access even if they're not embedded as EXIF.


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Oh i see. Now i understand. This EXIF is not useful for me. But it's made me think about a suggestion to make. Time to go to the suggestions forum. hehe

Thank you everyone.