html question

hope that you all fine and doing well ,

here is what i'm trying to do

i have an html page with Frame inside it
say there is a link called ( which open in the frame whose called ( Frame1 )

i want to get the link for the whole page where it open Google directly

something like this

i just made that up , but hope it will show what i'm looking for
it is not about coding ,
it is when i want to give the link to people in forums or msn

i want when a user click on the link that i give him , the main page open , and then the link http://english4me...../creat-thread open load in the frame


as can be seen in the picture i have a frame and 4 links at the top which open in the frame once they been clicked

what i want is how to get a link for a certain one of the and give to user in msn or whatever and when then click the link the page open and loead the frame with a one of the four links


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You place the document in your root (or wherever), then you just add the src="" to the frame tag. The link would just be to the document then, the frame will load the src url every time.

If you want something dynamic, you will need a script, don't know how to go about that.

Jeremy P

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What aiman means is when you have a site with frames, and you click to another frame, the browser URL stays the same because the base page hasn't changed. He's asking how he can link to the base page and make it load a specific frame.

Jake Bunce

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Magnus is correct.

Why do you want to use a frame? I don't recommend them. There are extra considerations like link targets, the browser URL, and even cookie scope in some cases. Custom programming is required to handle these things to make the frame behave as if it's not.