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Okay so a while ago I asked for your opinions on an FTP client for my new MacBook Pro, and now I am looking for a HTML editor that I can use. I currently have a trial of Taco HTML Edit installed and it's not bad but it's not great. I'm not bothered about the PHP functionality of it, but I do like to see what I am going to get (WYSIWYG) even if it's as a preview. Obviously, Dreamweaver would be great but I can't justify paying all that money for it and I can't find anything cheaper on eBay for Dreamweaver.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, it would be great! I have found a few that I have downloaded but nothing has stood out to me so far. Espresso, Coda etc etc, but if you want to suggest them and tell me they are better than I thought then please tell me because I am very open minded to what I use so long as I can use it to edit files really :/!!


Guest > coda
or > textmate
there's also bbedit, and there are IDE's out there.

i use textmate most of the time for anything i write that's not done via a browser.


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ˆI would go with coda if your looking for a all in one type of product.. else I would go um sublime text 2 instead of textmate, it's currently more up to date than textmate. I just recently made the switch from textmate to ST2 and I'm loving it ;)


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I like TextWrangler. It's free but very well featured, and works very well for most types of web programming.