How to Style Thread Tags [Deleted]


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Amaury submitted a new resource:

How to Style Thread Tags - How to style thread tags.

@The Wanderer sent me a conversation asking how to style the hover effect of thread tags. I figured I'd create a resource for anyone else wondering as well.

It's simple:

.taggingInput .tag {
    color: @secondaryDarker;
    background-color: @secondaryLighter;
    background-image: none;
    border-color: @secondaryLighter;

.taggingInput .tag a {
    color: @secondaryDarker !important;

.taggingInput .tag a:hover {
    color: @secondaryDarker !important;...

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Not that I really care, since I've long since moved past 1.x, but I can't help but wonder why resources like this are removed, unless the methods given no longer work. What exactly needs to be maintained? :unsure:


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Aah, makes sense - at least from your side of things. I was just curious, thanks for the reply (y)