How to: Remove posts and Spam / Spammers


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I thought there was a link in each post that said "spam" but I don't see it. I'm an admin on my bord and I see the "delete" link on peoples posts but not "Ban" or "spam".

I'm missing something - How do you do this?

Jake Bunce

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The spam cleaner doesn't show up for everyone. There are criteria that must be met. You can adjust the criteria in your:

Admin CP -> Home -> Options -> Spam Management -> Spam Cleaner User Criteria


Check the usergroup permissions [can use spam tool]

And make sure the settings for what is considered spam (who to scan) is set to match the range.


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That was it Jake....

I imported people from VB and the threads I was looking at all had members that had been on the site awhile. So I didn't see the "Spam" link. I changed the "Max days since registration" and it's working.

Crisis adverted :)

Thanks Floris, I'll check that too. But I was pretty sure admin should have rights to ban.