how to find out if mySQL 5.0 or later will work with my server

hi i am working with eransss i am the one that is going to be dealing with his forum and i can not figure out how to figure out if his server can take mySQL 5.0 or later

how do i see if it will work with that version?
You will need to ask your web host or the person who manages the server. Usually the web host would install MySQL for you unless it's an unmanaged server like a dedicated server.
Maybe this helps for basic starter.

If eransss has been running phpbb it's highly likely his server resources are correct.

There are three kinds of server situation.

1. You pay a company to carry your website and provide MYSQL and PHP and other services.
This company is called your "host."
Your website is "hosted."
Other websites are on the same server. Your hosting is "shared."
If you have this situation you can ask the host company about MSQL and PHP.

2. You pay a company to carry your website.
But you have your own server. This is more expensive.
If you have phpbb then you have PHP on it and MYSQL. You need to see if it is the right level. You could ask a mod here to have a look. That would mean a private message with your log in details for your site.

3, You run your own server so you have a machine you own which does this work.
I think this is unlikely as you do not sound experienced enough. But if someone else set it up for you perhaps ...
ok thanks that was a huge help and i would love to ask a mod on here who is a mod so i can ask them?

It would really help if you would give us some more information. You are not explaining enough.

Does your site hosting involve a company that eransss pays?
What is the website address for this company?
Then your helpers here can just look at the company website.
Also you may need to tell us the type of account you have. Hosting companies often have lower or higher accounts like Standard, Silver, or Gold.

Alternatively if you do not pay a company then you have a private server.
Then you need to ask a mod to look at it.
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