XF 1.2 How to create a Blog/Article page


New member
Hi everybody,
I am a newcomer. Pls. accept my apologies in advance for any stupid questions.

What I would like to do is to create an editorial article/blog page with the following requirements:

1. The articles should only be created by a user group with editorial rights.
2. Guests and Members should be able to view articles.
3. Members should be able to leave comments, rate and share the articles.
4. Editorial page should be accessible from the navbar.
5. A slider of the newest 3 articles should be placed on homepage.

How is it best (easiest) done. I have very little html and php skills. Step by step instructions are highly appreciated.


XenForo moderator
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That will require a custom add-on and will involve a lot of code and files, not something you can really get step by step instructions on.