How to change font-color of link 'view all recent threads' when 'What's New?' found no results?


If you click on "What's New?" and there are no results found, you get the message:
You have no unread threads. You may view all recent threads instead.

I have to change the font-color of the link "view all recent threads", because it's blue like my background in that area. But i can't find the link anywhere?

How to change the font-color of the link? Any hint to a template, a CSS class or something?

Thanks in advance.

Gruß, Albert. :p


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admin.php?styles/default-style.1/style-properties&group=general -> 'Link'


Admin CP -> Appearance -> Style Properties -> General -> Link


Thanks, James.
That changes the link-color, but the font-color in the breadcrumb and the font-color of the threadtitles in the threadlist ... and ... almost all other links as well.
Is there any way just to change this link?


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I was about to post that changing that will affect lots of other links.

You can actually edit the phrase: no_unread_threads_view_recent

For example: You have no unread threads. You may <a href="{link}" style="color: #CC0000">view all recent threads</a> instead.

Note that you can't use an @ Color Palette property tag here, it has to be hard coded.


Thanks, Brogan. Good idea to edit the phrase. I've changed it. :D This really helps identify the link-text. ;)