How to Add the "follow" Option Under Avatar or Posts In Thread?


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If you want to add this to the user details in posts add the code in red below to the message_user_info template.

Rich (BB code):
<xen:hook name="message_user_info_text" params="{xen:array 'user={$user}', 'isQuickReply={$isQuickReply}'}">
        <h3 class="userText">
            <xen:username user="$user" itemprop="name" rich="true" />
            <xen:if hascontent="true"><em class="userTitle" itemprop="title"><xen:contentcheck>{xen:helper userTitle, $user}</xen:contentcheck></em></xen:if>
            <xen:follow user="$user" class="Tooltip" />
            <!-- slot: message_user_info_text -->
That will make it appear like this.


If you don't like the positioning you can modify it to your satisfaction inside that template.

If you want to add it somewhere else under the posts let me know more details. I personally wouldn't want it next to the links for report, like, or reply. But... to each their own.


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thanks a lot
in post, i would like it to appear next to the like button. Though, I prefer the one below avatar.