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How To Add ESPN Bottomline (version 1.0) - Add ESPN updates for your sports subforum

ESPN Bottomline is updates live sports scores and news from ESPN. If you have a sports forum like I do and plan on using something like bobster's Sportsbook and Pickem addon to bet on games then ESPN Bottomline is perfect for your site. This iframe automatically resizes for both fixed and fluid styles.

Go to AdminCP/Styles/Templates

Find template: thread_list

Search for the first instance of sectionheader

Above it place the following code:

<xen:if is="{$forum.node_id} == X">...
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It would be great to place inside Sportsbook....

Will mess around with it.

**Pretty easily done, just add it to the footer template:

Adding it into the footer makes it truly a "Bottom Line"



Very Nice one, i would love to use it, but´s forum is loading longer then without this Modification. Is there any way to reduce the loading??