How to add a poll to an existing thread

How to add a poll to an existing thread


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How to add a poll to an existing thread (version 1.0) - Vote for me!

Currently it's not possible to add a poll to an existing thread.
There is a workaround however.

Create your thread without the poll as normal.

When it comes time to add a poll, create a new thread with the poll data.

Then merge the old thread without the poll into the new thread with the poll - make sure the destination thread is the new one and do not leave a redirect.

Your original thread will now have a poll.

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Can't this feature be made available in Core files. Why such Basic features are missing in Xenforo ?? :cry:


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Does this method still work for 1.2.2? One of our mods tried to do this (and has done many times before with success) but it doesn't seem to work since our upgrade from 1.1.4.

Mr Lucky

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Thanks. That's Plan B but we'd rather avoid addons where possible and I wondered whether it was a setting/permission somewhere in XF1.2 that had changed that was preventing the old "merge" method from working.
Correct me if I'm wrong, but this workaround of merging into a new thread is a fine way to avoid an extra addon if you want to, however would people watching the original thread still be subscribed as watching the new "merged into" thread?