XF 1.1 How much work is needed to integrate XF authentication with ASP.net site?


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This is just a general question at this point...

If one wanted to integrate XF's database with a custom site built on ASP.net (which probably uses MS SQL, but not sure, could be other), how would one go about it?

The basic idea would be that there were two domains, one for the main site and one for the forum, and headers of the sites matched each others. User authentication would be shared, i.e. when one registers on the forum, the same credentials would work on the main site, and vice versa.

The ASP.net site would have other social features such as user blogs etc, but that wouldn't need to be transferred over to the forums; only the authentication should work seamlessly.

Is it doable? Would it cost an arm and a leg to get something like this done?

Thanks for your thoughts and help.