How long does it take: Beta to GOLD?


I purchased Xenforo during the presale and now waiting until it goes to a more stable version before transfering from vB3.8.

I know there is no concrete answer. However, for those programmers/coders who have installed Xenforo and seen the amount of bugs/reported bugs, how long do you think until we see a GOLD version?

Again, I know there's no right or wrong answer, but a highly general estimation is appreciated from those who have followed similar beta to GOLD releases of similar software. Your thoughts and educated guesses are appreciated.




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Depends on the coder. For people like M&K shouldn't take too long. Also depends on what new features they plan to add.


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It also depends on the state and stabilty of the beta. An ETA is anyone's guess and although your merely asking, we don't want to be pressuring the developers to push/rush out a gold product. Afterall, it's simply a tag and it should only be tagged when both mike and kier are happy enough to ship and package the gold release.

I wouldn't imagine it would be too long.


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My 'educated' but rough guess (looking at the state of it now, which is pretty good for a first beta) would be anywhere between one and two months for the RTM to be released. I'd be surprised if it turned out to be less or more than that.


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I don't see any reason why. It's an early early beta phase and during vBulletin 3, we saw features added constantly.
I think the desire has moved from windows programming to UNIX programming ...... i.e. you know when you're done as there is nothing left to take out, not put in.

vB3 turned into the bloat because of the constant adding, I'd perdict we're going to see one of my favorite sayings manifest here ; Do less better.
As long as it takes.
I can't agree with this more. It'll take them as long as it takes them. I'd rather see them take their time and get everything very polished and working as good as it possibly can than rush out a gold release and have to work on fixing the little things rather than working on the next release.