How Do I correctly Copy a Style ?

After searching through the forum - I figured that there is no direct "copy" of a style.

So I exported the default style - and imported it again. I know have 2 styles . One the default one. and the second which I will use and change according to our needs.

However, if I look at the file structure created on the xenforo server - I see in the
/public_html/styles folder , only one subfolder called default.

So the folder lies in : /public_html/styles/default

This default style folder now only contains one subdirectory called /xenforo.

I wonder why there is no second style folder there, since I have two styles ?

Can anybody please explain -

a) how do i really copy the entire style ?

b) is it correct that there is only one style in the style directory after seeing two styles inside CP ?

Thanks for any help in advance.


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The style templates are stored in the database.

If you want to use a separate directory on the server for images, create the directory and copy the files.

Then update the image path for the style in Style Properties -> General-> Path to Images.

BTW, you don't need to export and import to get a new default style, just click the +Create New Style button.