How did you hear about Xenforo ?

Digital Doctor

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You probably knew about forum software that starts with letters such as: v, I, p.
But you found your way here.
Did your knowledgeable IT genius friend point you in this direction ?
How did you find out about Xenforo ?


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@Dean, he wanted to move away from vB, and we looked at a few other forum solutions, none of which appealed to me. Then he sent me a link to here, and I been <xen:hooked /> ever since, :)
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2nd-round invite to the start of "" on one of XF's 1.0 betas. Randy Peterson invited a large core group to get things rolling, and I was swept up in the next round with an invite from my friend Dave H. aka Cholula. I realized something big & good was afoot when I noticed one of the names from vB (Mike, I think) was keeping close tabs on MilePoint, and that another (Kier) was also involved. That was about a year & a half after I'd sworn off any additional purchases of vBulletin software, basically just putting off any further forum efforts (other than one flop with phpBB) because I didn't lke my options.

Fast forward another 4 months and I was in a situation where I HAD to set up a forum (I was the only one with the technical expertise among a group of ~12 looking for a new home), so I gave XenForo a try. I've never looked back.


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First used the software on and was impressed by it's speed and simplicity. Plus it used the flexible theme which makes it look great :D