HLO Credits

Okay so with all the questions I ask through out the board it may surprise you to see that I am actually developing my very own Credits system.

I am far from a coder - hell I needed help to get my signature moved on member profile. However I have been popping around and reading threads in here and trying to "learn the craft".

For Horrorland Online I wanted a credits system in which was just basic, you post you earn credits - SIMPLE!

I also wanted a SHOP addon built purposely for members to purchase little icons, representing their favourite horror movies/characters etc and display it in their post bit.

So what I have done to date is a very simple thing.

- I have created a basic CREDITS system (called HLO Credits standing for Horrorland Online Credits) in which we are using the Trophy Points (we have turned off Trophies on HLO as we don't need them).

- We have the ability now that when you post a message you earn your 5 Credits (or whatever we set in the admin section).

As I said I am far from a coder and therefore was wondering if someone could point me to a good thread that will help me learn how to differentiate between a new thread or a new post. For example I want to eventually get people posting new threads earning 5 points, people posting replies get 2.

Once I can get this the basics will be done and I will start to learn how to give them things to spend it on.


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I have to hand it to you Brendon, you have accomplished a lot for not being a coder. If you need further help hit me up in PC. I'm interested in knowing what you did for earning credits when posting and I want to see if it differs from what I did. Maybe we can learn a thing or two from each other. ;)