Duplicate Hide/ UnHide threads on "New Posts"


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There is an addon for this suggestion but it's needed HERE and though I rarely bleat "should be core" this is one of those times.
Now we have the cute new spectacles on Watched threads it's even more obvious how MUCH of "New Posts" is clutter. I have maybe 2, max 3 spectacles per page of New Posts.

By clutter I do not mean junk, nor any disrespect to others content. Almost all those threads are useful to some of us, and will get the accolade of Watched spectacles from that group of members. But to any one of us a lot of "New Posts" is irrelevant.

That does NOT mean ALL threads which lack Watched spectacles are irrelevant. There's a hierarchy.

Keenly Watched - Spectacles, Alerts, Notifications. I'm going to check these whenever they arise.
Watched - Spectacles, maybe others as for Keenly but depends how busy I am. Might leave to later.
Potential interest - No Spectacles, but may be of interest at some point.
*Clutter - These topics are not me, highly unlikely to be in the future unless my circumstances change e.g. I start a very different kind of XF forum. They simply GET IN MY WAY, irritate me, extensively lengthen the "New Posts" experience with page padding.
They often waste my time because I not only have to scan them to triage them, but sometimes I can't remember what the title refers to - some threads with misleading or generic titles I've checked 3 or 4 times.
Clutter is a demotivator on checking "New Posts." It's exactly like having a email Inbox clogged with spam.

HIDE THREADS To cut clutter threads I want to click them down the page, having hovered to view topic, and then click Hide.
UnHide obviously necessary to revert, but also need to return to my Hidden state if I unHide.

HIDE FORUM I also want to click a whole forum
- not many, but some, which are clutter to me. It would clean up a long forum list on the forum view page, personalising it for me, and powerfully declutter "New Posts."
For example why should I be cluttered with threads about the RM if I know I'm not going to use it? So suggestions or problems with it are clutter to me. (I'll still be reminded this excellent feature exists, because it gets mentioned all over the place.)
Why should I be cluttered with Style package threads from Resources if I have the one I like, or I'm happy creating my own? Not everyone wants Pre-Sales threads - though they are a great source of learning IMO but still not everyone's cuppa.
Maybe admins might like to a) disable forum Hide b) limit the number of forum Hides ... later.
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I believe someone already suggested an extensive ignore functionality including all this, yes I agree this is a welcome core feature in addition to ignoring members.


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Thanks Brogan those are useful as old threads showing that there has been interest in these ideas from the start.
But they suggest the two things separately of Hide Thread and Hide Forum.

My thread here is making the point that it's the same concept. Not a duplicate
- also my careful analysis of why, employing the concept of "clutter" is not duplicate.