Hi guys


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Hi guys,

Just a quick thread after picking up on this new forum to check it out. I am currently possitioning within a specific market to wipe out my competition and launch a new forum, which, I was planning to do on VB4.

However, having just attempted an upgrade for another forum I run on vb4 to the latest version to be met with database errors, style errors (to the point of unusable) I am seriously looking at alternatives (which is a shame as my vb4 forum has several great mods I was planning on using, but when the upgrade system in vb4 causes hours and hours of work on what should be a 5 min job it makes me wonder why bother)

I will be causually browsing around and trying out features on here, but are there any "must reads" you reccomend?




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Hi Slav, welcome to XenForo!

Absolutely read and watch the videos in the "Have You Seen...?" forum.