Fixed Having a large number of items in the moderation queue can lock up your browser


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I have a moderation queue with 300+ items in it. When accessing the queue, my browser will freeze up for several seconds while the page loads all the queued posts. While the best solution would be to keep the queue level low, perhaps it might be good to have some sort of pagination in this section. Another option would be to have a default display such as "show items from today"

Tested this with both chrome and IE, with chrome handling the stress much better. IE becomes unresponsive and takes much longer to load. After a while it prompts you to close the tab due to a long running script.


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This is something that we will likely look to handle in a future release. There's an expectation with this design that you wouldn't let it get that far. :)


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May I also suggest the ability to be able to select multiple items and perform operations (delete, approve) in batch?
A select all option would be very handy too :)
In my case, I have 1492 posts in moderation queue that came from my VBB import. I'd love to have a batch delete option.