Fixed Hardcoded text in acp


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I believe that this was reported elsewhere, but considering they are all proper names, I believe it was marked "As Designed"


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Yes, I reported as a log time ago and it was marked as "As Designed"
But most of the new German costumers ask me the same question after installing the language pack ... So please Mike ... ;)


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Posting again does not make it a bug. If the original report was marked "As designed" you need to post it as a suggestion.


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If Mike marked it As Designed then I think we can defer to his judgement, what with him being the owner/developer.

Proper nouns such as Google, Microsoft, etc. should not be translated.


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Proper nouns such as Google, Microsoft, etc. should not be translated.
Thats right. Only Local ;)

For me this isn't a problem. I'm working with computers and I know localhost :)

Maybe, if Mike dislike the phase there,he should change "Local" to "localhost" and it is international OK :D


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I would like to have the ability to have this translated. Not because I would not understand it if it's English, but because this would enable a translation to be more complete.


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You could change this by enable debug mode and change this option. This would not be changed/changeable to phrase.


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I do not think so but I think it is not a difficult for administrator to understand these kind of words in AdminCP.
I thought the same, but at the moment some / a lot of previous vB user change to XenForo and I got the information about a typo in the language pack again (and again) :D

Really? I have not try it yet.
Yes, it is true. There is no problem to switch this into phrases ;)


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I think even non-english speakers could understand "local" in german. The other three are technically correct in german, but you can also write them with dashes.


The german language is a dash whore, so to speak ;)